10 Favourite Vegan Podcasts

I’ve been listening to more and more podcasts lately. I’ve found that the best podcasts can really help me de-attach from the endless screen cycle, and after long days of non-stop visual simulation, it really is nice sometimes to just sit back and listen to something. There is, however, an overwhelming number of podcasts out there, covering every possible subject matter, including veganism. This is not intended to be comprehensive or definitive list of all the vegan-centric podcasts out there, just a guide to some of my personal favourites.

The Simply Vegan Podcast
Hosted by Holly Johnson and Molly Pickering, this British podcast from Vegan Food and Living covers a gamut of vegan related topics and plant-based trends. There is a good mix of discussions across the 140+ episodes, so you’ll likely find something that appeals to your interest within their content. There are episodes that are centered on health discussions, while others are more about activism and political issues around food, but they also have a less serious side where they talk about vegan baking tips, or taste test new plant-based products.

The Brownble Podcast
Brownble is an online community that centers around online vegan cooking classes, and the podcast, hosted by Brownble founder, Kim Sujovolsky, is an extension of that community. Kim is an excellent host, has an engaging and down to earth demeanor and is a joy to listen to.  The podcast is unique among vegan podcasts in that much of the focus is not specifically on veganism or food, but rather tangent subjects like health, wellness and spirituality, and the link between our general well-being and the food choices we make.  Kim covers a broad spectrum of subjects like eating disorders, intuitive eating, aging, body image, coping with perfectism, anxiety and depression, along with more food-centric topics.

Veg Out
This charming podcast is put together by the community volunteers at VegTO (formerly the Toronto Vegetarian Association). What I love about this podcast, is that it’s clearly hosted by people who love food and love to talk about food, and though a lot of the discussion is Toronto specific (i.e.: local restaurants, vegan meetups etc.) their passion towards the subject will appeal to everyone, even non-vegans.  The episodes are a good and very digestible length and dig into some very specific areas, like new vegan grocery store products and vegan baking (they even have a full episode on brownies).

Ordinary Vegan
This podcast is a bit on the more serious side, covering such subjects as health and wellness, environmentalism, and animal rights, but host Nancy Montouri (and her delightful Boston accent) is undeniably engaging. The episodes are usually short but highly educational, with lots of interesting facts and guidance strewn throughout each. Topics include: how to turn your passion into a vegan business, cultivating happiness in stressful times, and how to improve gut health.

The World Vegan Travel Podcasts
World Vegan Travel is a plant-based travel agency that specializes in “high quality and high value worldwide adventures” for vegans and the veg-curious. Aside from offering some pretty spectacular sounding trips, they also do a podcast. Hosted by founder Bridghe Reed, the podcast covers everything related to vegan travel, from plant-based hotels, restaurant reviews, and survival tips. If you’ve ever been intimidated by the idea of travelling as a vegan, this is the podcast that will allay all those worries

The Bearded Vegans
Unfortunately this popular podcast is no longer producing new shows, but there’s still three-hundred episodes for us to enjoy. Hosts, vegans, and animal rights activists Andy Tabar and Paul Stellar delve into a variety of hot topics and news items from the plant-based world. Andy and Paul take a very common sense and down-to-earth approach to veganism and avoid the aggressive moralizing that unfortunately is so often associated with activism. Their banter is always entertaining and they manage to promote veganism in an engaging and empathetic way.

The Plant Powered People Podcast
Hosts Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto discuss a broad range of vegan topics in this warm, friendly, and informative podcast. This duo is another rare example of open-minded activists whose approach is to make veganism approachable. Throughout the podcast, they frequently espouse the idea that any steps towards making more humane choices should be celebrated, and that aggressive black and white moralizing is not an effective tactic. In addition to their one-on-one chats and discussions, they’ve also done quite a few interesting interviews with prominent vegans including Olympic figure skater Meaghan Duhamel, British Bake-Off contestant Freya Cox, and Mercy for Animals founder Milo Runkle.

The Plant Based Morning Show
This podcast’s is hosted by the powerhouse vegan duo of Matt Frazier (best-selling author of The Plant Based Athlete) and ultra-runner Doug Hay.  Despite the host’s distinguished pedigree, the show mostly takes the form of light-hearted and casual conversation between friends. While the driving force of the podcast is veganism, they also veer off into many entertaining tangents, arguments and discussions. The two have a really good rapport, and their banter makes the show especially engaging.

Vegan Hacks
Vegan Hacks is a smart, funny, and informative podcast about plant-based living and all things vegan. Vegan duo Jason Kartalian and Mike Keller delve into everything from Taco Bell reviews, to how to survive Thanksgiving, and vegan investing.  Both hosts often have a different take on the issues being discussed and its makes for some very lively and interesting back and forth.  The episodes also tend to be on the shorter side, so you can easily get one in even on a short commute.

Brown Vegan Podcast
This podcast hosted by blogger and youtuber Monique Koch is an insightful look into vegan living and how to thrive on a plant-based diet. While there are some episodes that delve into more of the foodie side of veganism, most cover some aspects of health and well-being from a plant-based perspective.  Also, if you’re looking for ideas of having to succeed as a vegan entrepreneur, Monique has several useful episodes on this subject.


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