Vegan Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and while the crassness of these kind of commercially fabricated and arbitrary “holidays” may be a bit much, there’s also nothing wrong with taking a moment to pause, reflect and celebrate love, particularly in time when there is so much turbulence and heartbreak.  Does it need to be on February 14th?  Of course not, but as you can tell from this list, there are a lot of wonderful, limited edition vegan treats being released for Valentine’s day – so take advantage while they’re in circulation!

Organic House’s With Love Box
Ontario based chocolatier Organic House has a whole Valentine’s Day selection in addition to their already substantial inventory of organic, and ethically sourced goods, but this With Love Box comes already perfectly packaged in a beautiful red box.  Inside is a delightful mix of white chocolate crème brûlée lips and oat milk chocolate hearts.

Sjaak’s Classic Heart Valentines Assortment
You can’t wrong with the classics.  Sjaak’s Classic Heart Valentines Assortment comes in a heart shaped box of course and features six elegant truffles in classic flavours like Banana Cream, Lemon Champagne, and Cherry.

Dwarfstars’ Valentines Bonbon Gift Boxes
Sleek, refined and delicious – Dwarfstars’ Bonbons are a feast for both the eyes and for the palate.  This limited-edition Valentine’s box features a selection of three flavours, and each bonbon is filled with pumpkin butter.  Besides being vegan, their products are free of the top ten allergens and they also use ethically sourced cocoa.

Fair Square’s Vegan Valentines Treat Box
Okay so you might have to make a bit of trek for this one.  This Vegan Valentines Treat Box is available only for pick-up at the Fair Square store location in Woodstock Ontario (about 140km southwest of Toronto) but it’s definitely going to be worth the journey.  The box contains a wide assortment of treats including Hot Chocolate Bombs, Chocolate-dipped Strawberries, Cookie Truffle Bites and Squish Gummies.

Squish Candy’s Vegan Kiss Kiss
If you’re loved one or palentine prefers candy over chocolate, Squish Candy is a great option.  They have multiple vegan flavours in their Valentine’s collection, from candy lips to champagne bottles, or just good old classic gummy bears.

Yum Earth’s Valentine’s Day Pops
Yum Earth’s Valentine’s Day Pops are cute, fun way to surprise your sweetheart.  These pops come in a variety of flavours like googly grape and pomegranate pucker and are gluten and GMO free, allergen safe and contain no artificial ingredients.  And Yum Earth has a lot of other great treats in their product line if the pops don’t please you and yours.

Purdy’s Mylk Chocolate Sweet Georgia Browns
Purdy’s isn’t a vegan company, but they are clearly making an attempt to be more vegan friendly and have introduced several plant-based options.  If your Valentine is a lover of caramel, of decadent chewy nutty sweets, then a box of their Sweet Georgia Browns will a perfect gift.

No Whey’s Heart Chocolate Truffle Box
No Whey’s products are some of the best vegan sweets on the market, and they’re constantly delivering new and innovative products. It should be not surprise that they’ve got an extensive Valentine’s collection.  There are a few good options here, but, again, there is something very endearing about a classic heart shaped box of chocolates.

Nibble’s Truffle Box
Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 9.32.36 PM

Nibble’s Truffle Box is an attractively designed collection of eight truffles, with flavours ranging from coffee and lemon, to pomegranate and chai. Cocoa is kept as the star of these chocolates with a simple, unobtrusive ingredient list, making these the perfect gift for the hardcore chocolate lover.

Prana’s Joyful Box
If you’re looking for something a bit different, something that offers a good combination of savory and sweet treats, with a bit of self-care products thrown in the mix, Prana’s Joyful Box ticks all the boxes. The box contains six products that includes dark chocolate almonds, a BKIND nourishing hand balm, and an apple and meadowsweet tea.



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