Vegan Holiday Gift Guide

Click and Grow ($100-$2000+)

Click and Grow’s innovative automated indoor smart gardens allow you to grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables pretty much in any condition, all year round, no matter how little space or light you may have access to.  With over 60 different fruits, herbs, and leafy greens to choose from, this is certain to give the garden enthusiast on your list a thrill.  There’s also a good price range in their product line.  At the budget end you can get started with the Smart Garden 3 for $99.95 (plus the cost of the seed pods) or if you really want to splurge you can get the Wall Farm, a 3 shelf, 51 plant, garden extravaganza for $2229.95.   

Elk Parka from Wuxly ($599)
Give the gift of down-free warmth this winter with an Elk Parka from Wuxly.   While their coats can be a bit pricey, the vegan brand is known for their high quality and durable products, so this is a worthwhile investment.  The coats provide maximum warmth without being overly heavy or bulky, and their PrimaLoft insulation proves that you don’t need to abuse and exploit animals to get adequate winter wear. 

Toronto Vegetarian Association Membership ($25 and up)
What better gift for the special vegan in your life than a membership to the Toronto Vegetarian Association? With a TVA membership you’ll get 5-10% off at over 100 participating businesses in the GTA and 10% off books and cookbooks at the TVA bookstore.  You’ll also be supporting an organization that does an amazing job of promoting veganism and works vigilantly to reduce animal harm. The basic membership rate is $25 but you can donate more if you choose.  If you’re not based in Toronto, many major cities (and even some smaller ones) have vegetarian associations with similar membership offers.

Good Rebel Virtual Gift Card ($10-$250)
Toronto’s epic plant-based grocery store is every vegan’s dream – a huge selection of products, including some hard to find items, the city’s best and most diverse selection of vegan cheeses, pantry supplies, baking goods, candies, chocolates, frozen meals, plant based dairy and more.  And they ship Canada-wide!  Shop online from the comfort of home and have all your favourite vegan provisions shipped directly to your door. 

Pasta Maker ($100-300 and up)
I’m sure not all vegans are into pasta making. Some might not even like to cook.  But for all the adventurous plant-based foodies in your life you can’t go wrong with a pasta maker.  There’s a good range of pasta makers at different price points too, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget. The hand cranked Imperia Pasta Maker from Williams Sonoma will set you back $99.95.  At the higher end you can get the Phillips Smart Pasta Maker Plus for $399.95 (on sale), which has some pretty cool features including an auto-weight function that tells you exactly the amount of water you need to cook the pasta to al dente perfection.

Knife Set ($99 and up)
Everyone needs a good set of knives. Good quality knives can really make a difference in your cooking experience.  Chopping vegetables with finely crafted instruments is certainly more pleasurable than with a dull knife, and with a properly sharpened blade you can really finesse the appearance of your food.  Though good quality knives can be expensive, obviously not everyone needs a top of the line, bank-breaking set.  Also keep in mind that a vegan might not have much use for meat-specific instruments, so you can probably skip the boning knife. There’s ton of options out there, but I really like this Global Classic 7 piece wood block set from Williams Sonoma for $374.95.

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 6.11.56 PM
The right cookbook can renew our passion for cooking, and offer new perspectives on ingredients we might have tired of, or introduce us to completely untried produce.  That’s why they make such great gifts, and the recipient is bound to get hours of enjoyment and culinary exploration from each one.  There’s many to choose from but here are a few of the top ones on my radar: 

Vegetable Kingdom by Bryant Terry
The Buddhist Chef by Jean Philippe-Cyr
Purezza Vegan Pizza by Filippo Rosato, Tim Barclay, and Stefania Evangelista 
Oh She Glows for Dinner by Angela Liddon
More Plants Less Waste by Max La Manna

Chickpea Magazine Subscription
($70 USD)
There are quite a few vegan orientated magazines in circulation now, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one as beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing as Chickpea Magazine.  Each issue functions as both a magazine and an elegant, decorative art piece worthy of being kept and collected. Inside the magazine you’ll find vegan recipes, DIY projects, how to guides and more, and it is completely ad-free!

Veecoco Online Cooking Classes Membership ($35 USD -$297.00 USD)Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. I may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through the link.
Collage Veecoco Trial
For the vegan that wants to bring their plant-based cooking and/or baking to the next level, a monthly subscription to Veecoco might be the perfect gift.  While online cooking classes and workshops have gained popularity during covid lockdowns, there are none that I’m aware of that teach specifically plant based cuisine.  Veecoco has a vast collection of courses spread out over a number of tantalizing cuisine categories like Italian, Pastry, Thai, Sushi, and Vegan Cheese!  Their gift options range from a 1-month membership, with full access to all classes, for $35 USD to a 1- year membership for $297 USD.

A Coffee Subscription from Pilot Coffee Roasters ($18.50 and up)
Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee?  The gift of coffee will be a guaranteed win for a lot of caffeine lovers.  Pilot Coffee is a well-known and beloved Toronto brewery that offers a number of options to get your bean fix, from individual bags of your favourite roast to a variety of pre-paid or pay as you go subscription plans.  You can also customize the frequency of your deliveries, as well as the number of bags with each order.  Prices vary but a 350g bag typically costs $18.50.

Almond Cow: The Plant Based Milk Maker ($150 for just the machine, $279 for the complete starter kit)
I’ve never made my own nut milk. Though the process is probably not that complicated, it’s always felt a bit intimating and time consuming for me.  But I do drink copious amounts of it – a habit which can be quite costly.  The Almond Cow is a cool innovation that simplifies the  process, saves you the tedious step and mess of straining, and gives you plant based milk in matter of minutes.  There is also the potential to save a lot of money by making your own milk, and the prices offered on Almond Cow’s bulk ingredient bundles (cashews, coconut shreds, oats and almonds) are very reasonable.  You can also buy gift cards via the website.

An Automatic Pan Stirrer from UnCommon Goods ($35.20)
I’m not a lazy cook, but I am an easily distracted one.  Recipes that call for continuous stirring present a challenge for my short attention span. This automatic pan stirrer from Uncommon Goods is a genius little gadget that lets you step away from your delicate sauce without worrying about  the required incessant stirring.  It even has a timer, so you can set exactly how long you want it to stir for.

Basd Body Care Products ($10 and up) 

We may not be leaving the house much these days but that doesn’t mean we can’t still spoil ourselves and loved ones with a little bit of quality self-care products.  Basd is a Canadian body care line that is vegan, organic and made with simple, natural ingredients.  To make your search even easier, Basd has created a holiday gift guide on their website that breaks down options at various price points, from $10 to $40.   

Air Fryer ($99 and up)

Crispy Tofu, Kale and Potato Chips are only just the beginning of what you can do with an air fryer.  It provides all the decadence of fried foods, without the oil and significantly less calories.  There is a bunch of different options for air fryers for all different budgets – just make sure to read reviews thoroughly before committing.  The Black and Decker Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer (around $155) is supposed to one of the best.

Fair Square Gift Basket ($65 and up)

Fair Square is an online vegan marketplace that exclusively sells products made in Canada. The website makes gift shopping extremely easy, allowing you to browse special gift categories and price points.  While there is a lot of products in the store that would make great gifts for any vegan, the gift baskets are particularly extraordinary.  Each one features a stellar line-up of products, and  focuses on a particular food category like Brunch, Break or Cheese & Charcuterie.

Squish Candy
($6 and up)

For that sweet toothed, candy loving vegan in your life, Squish is likely to be a big hit.  Their plant -based line gives gelatin free access to a whole bunch of classic candies that otherwise vegans are not able to enjoy. Not all their products are vegan, but the ones that are, are clearly marked and distinguishable from the others. You can also browse a specific vegan category on the website. In additional to various sizes of bags and mixes, they also have gift boxes.  I’m sure someone you know and/or love will definitely be into the Boozy Bears Gift Box.

Matt and Nat Wallets etc. ($30 and up)

A wallet is a classic and practical gift choice.  Canadian vegan designer Matt and Nat is well known for their quality craftsmanship and sleek, fashionable product line.  I’ve had my Matt and Nat wallet for years now, and it still looks like new!  Wallet not your thing?  Don’t fret – Matt and Nat has a large line of vegan friendly products like purses, backpacks, belts, boots, jackets and even a candle line!  Not sure what to buy?  Gift cards are also available on their website in denominations from $50 to $1000.

Blender/Food Processor ($99 and Up)

A blender and food processor are essential tools for vegan cooking, and you don’t need to break the bank to get a good one.  Do your research of course, because not all them will be winners, and note that the capacity of the blender or food processor can make a big difference in what you can make with it, and a blender and food processor are not interchangeable.  Blenders are typically best used only for liquids. The Vitamix e310 explorian is one of the best reviewed blenders of the year, and goes for around $300.

Mooshoes Footwear (various prices)

Shoes are a great gift option. They are very practical, but they can also be an indulgence, a fashion statement, a reflection of your style and personality.  A good stylish boot can make you feel like you own the world. MooShoes is a online retailer that has a huge collection of vegan footwear brands to choose from – my favourite at the moment is the Novacas Asher Boot, which goes for $215.  Check out their 2020 Gift Guide for more options including gift cards.   



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