Ten Instagram Dream Kitchens

All things considered, I’m grateful for my reasonably priced basement apartment.  It may not be luxurious, but it is safe and comfortable and these are not things to easily disregard, or be ungrateful for, in our current economic climate.  That being said, now being stuck at home more frequently, it is a struggle to draw any sort of inspiration from my settings, particularly the kitchen, which is a place I do like to spend a lot of my time.  I make the most of my small, carpeted, and mostly sunless kitchen, but it’s not the most compelling place.

As much as want to keep my envy in check, in times like this I don’t think it hurts to let our imagination and hopes wander a bit.  If there’s one room that I find visualizing my ideal more than any other, it would be my kitchen.  But I think I have a very distinct ideal and it’s not necessarily the modern, and sleek kitchens that have become somehow synonymous with luxury despite their generity and coldness.  I want a kitchen with character, colour, in one form or another, texture, trinkets and lots of natural light, but regardless of where your personal taste lies, there is a lot of sources these days to help us visualize our dream kitchens.  My imagination has been so focused on this lately that my Instagram feed has become nothing but a collage of various kitchens. For all these seeking inspiration and escape from their dreary domestic spaces here are ten of my favourite Instagram Kitchens.

Ireland based up-cycler and salvage hunter, Yvonne Purcell curates a collection of images of her quaint, immaculately decorated and cottage-like Dublin home.  Her home is drenched in bright, warm colours, full of greenery and idiosyncratic flourishes and judging by the photos her kitchen is no different.  The colour coordination between the green of the fabrics, cupboards, and plants, with the white tile backsplash, along with the ample presence of wood, keeps the space warm and inviting, and creates a sense of the outdoors inside. And that Double Oven Gas Range looks like it’d been a dream to cook on!

madeva Holzliebe
From what I’ve seen on Instagram there seems to be a surprising number of beautiful flats and homes in Germany.  Maybe Germans just have a special flair for decorating and design. Madeva Holzliebe’s Instagram account mostly showcase her unique wood decor pieces, which you can buy through her Etsy shop, but occasionally she also posts some photos of her home and the lovely kitchen within.  A nice mix of industrial and nature textures gives Madeva’s kitchen a modern but warm appeal, and it looks like the perfect place to relax on weekend morning with a cup of coffee, a big breakfast and a good book.   


The Hunter Houses are two rentable vacation homes run by Danielle and Ely Franko in New York State.  While both homes are stunning, it’s the kitchen in the Barnhouse property that really caught my eye.   I would go as far to say that The Barnhouse is one of the most beautiful homes I’ve seen on Instagram and if I were to build a dream house it would look just like this.  As you can imagine by the name, this house is a restored barn and maintains all the earthy charm, character and vaulted ceilings of the original.  The kitchen’s stunning wood cabinetry, which the owners made themselves, is one of the many highlights of this space.


One of the reasons that I dislike the modern design aesthetic is that I find that the spaces seem barren, and generally lacking in that “lived-in” feeling.  The farmhouse kitchen of Florida couple Gany and Jimmie is the complete antithesis of that aesthetic with shelves lined with cookbooks and knickknacks.  It’s clearly a place to display some of their most special and sentimental pieces and because it looks so personalized, the space seems really warm and friendly.  I also really appreciate the vintage pastel green fridge, and the colour goes so well with the rest of the room’s palette.

Jade Interiors @jade.doutch
Though I’ve already stated my aversion to modern design, there are certainly times when such a style can be made appealing.  The kitchen of Whales-based interiors instagrammer, Jade Doutch, strikes the perfect balance of modern and rustic.  In fact, the space is literary a fusion of new and old, with a sleek and refined kitchen extension, complete with skylights, added on to the home’s older infrastructure.  The older framework, with its beautiful exposed stone wall and wood beams really brings some deep, authentic character to the otherwise very modern space.

Manuela Kaplan @kunis_lovely_vintage_home
I like living spaces that feel full, not crowded necessarily, just thoughtfully overflowing with evidence of lived lives.  Manuela Kaplan’s kitchen is exactly that kind of space, with many small nuances and surprises tucked away in each corner.  I’ve never seen anything quite like her cupboard doors –  plywood against a black frame and black drawers- and it’s quite a fetching, slightly industrial look.  The wood lighting fixture above the table from Gofurngit is one of my favourite pieces on display in the room.

Kerry Lockwood @kerrylockwood

I honestly can’t stop looking at Kerry Lockwood’s kitchen.  The UK based blogger, writer and stylist frequently features her cozy and plant filled kitchen on her Instagram and it’s one of my favourites. Yes, it’s not a huge space, or at least it appears not to be, but what it lacks in square feet in makes up with small and charming luxuries – the philodendron vines and fairy lights that wrap around the windows, a farmhouse sink, an antique hutch, wood countertops, a very green yard always in view, and a dog named Chester.

Agi @agi_at_59
The kitchen of UK based instagrammer might be featured less than some of the other spaces in her home, but it is by no means any less special or well designed.  The design is classic, tasteful and unobtrusive in the best possible way.  The art work really makes the space pop and that’s an aspect that seems to get neglected a lot when people are decorating their kitchens.  It is a great example of how to make the most of a small space.

Joanne @happeyside
Happeyside is certainly an appropriate name for this account.   The sense of joy, peace, calm and buoyancy that Joanne has woven into her home is evident in every shot.  The kitchen is filled with natural light, soothing colours, and warm, charming decor and flourishes.  It seems to be the kind of space that really embodies the notion that the kitchen is the heart of the home. 

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